Seamless Waterproofing

The next generation of elevated breezeway and balcony
waterproofing systems, ELEVATION® L1 Seamless eliminates
every seam on the waterproofed deck, thus eliminating the point where
most systems fail. Supported by a full line of compatible components and
accessories, ELEVATION® L1 Seamless is a uniform, monolithic membrane
that installs quickly and easily.

  • Elevation L1 Seamless Waterproofing Membrane
    Seamless Waterproofing

    Elevation® L1

    Elevation® L1 Waterproofing Membrane is a perfect solution for waterproofing when residual moisture is present on the jobsite. When peel and stick membranes struggle to find grip, L1 holds tenaciously. L1 is home on every waterproofing job but really shines in cool damp conditions where others start to struggle.

  • Elevation® L1 Caulking - exeterior joint sealant for waterproofing balconies.
    Seamless Waterproofing

    Elevation® L1 Caulk

    Elevation® L1 Caulk Waterproof Sealant is a high performance interior and exterior lap sealant for use in both moving and nonmoving joint applications. Provides a long lasting weather tight seal to a variety of building substrates and conditions, and maybe applied to a clean damp surfaces without risk of gassing or bubbling.

  • Elevation® L Flash Waterproof Flashing Tape - 4" & 8" rolls
    Seamless Waterproofing

    Elevation® L Flash Waterproofing Tape

    Elevation® L-Flash waterproof flashing tape is a reinforced waterproof flashing tape designed for structural changes of plane, union of dissimilar materials, and reinforcement for materials above.