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Sheet Waterproofing System


Seamless Waterproofing Technology

The Elevation™ Seamless waterproofing methodology is less complicated, more easily learned by tradesman, fast installed, and is fully seamless. 

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ELEVATION® S60 SHEET: Waterproofing Membrane

Polypropylene scrim coated on both sides with a proprietary engineered polypropylene blend. The scrim is coated with a self-sealing, highly adhesive, rubberized asphalt, includes a convenient release liner for easy installation.


  • Extra tough white triple layer polyolefin top scrim
  • Industry leading tear / abrasion resistant
  • 120 UV resistant
  • Superior adhesion
  • Visual guideline for QC of proper lap seams
  • Full system details & Manufacturer support
  • Installed by network of technically trained licensed dealers


36” Roll, 200sf per roll, 1 roll per box
12” Roll, 66.67LF per roll, 3 rolls per box

ELEVATION® S60 Sheet Waterproofing Membrane