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Elevation™ Seamless Waterproofing


The next generation of elevated breezeway and balcony waterproofing systems.  Elevation Seamless eliminates the seams, thus eliminating the point where most waterproofing systems fail. 

Elevation Seamless is a uniform, monolithic membrane that is trowel applied.  With its light grey color, any damage to the surface is easily noticeable, making repair fast and effective.

Elevation™ Sheet Waterproofing


A refreshed take on traditional methods, providing a full system to detail balconies and breezeways in a truly waterproof system.  Our methodology and products together outperform the industry, and provide a turn-key waterproofing system that avoids the pitfalls that many peers in our business have encountered.

Elevation™ Balcony Embed System (patent pending)


Balcony embed plates (balcony railing supports) pose a serious problem for deck waterproofing.  The practice of waterproofing around these embedded supports is not standard and relies on an array of varying products and techniques.  Elevation Balcony Embed System is two component, making waterproof simple and certain.  Call us today for pricing and orders (available to non-licensed dealers).

Elevation™ Components & Accessories

Elevation TTP Installation Detail - Formulated Materials
Elevation TTP Corner Detail - Formulated Materials

Elevation™ TTP (T-bar Termination Pocket) – Elevation TTP’s are the "starting point" of all Elevation Waterproofing Systems.  TTP’s replace the traditional method of relying on sealants and layers of membrane to seal the joint where the T-bar and Drip Edge flashing meet the building, the point of many failures.  While providing a leak free and simple flashing termination point, Elevation TTP Pockets are designed with a pitch to channel water entering the pocket away from the Facia.

Elevation™ Combo Corners – Elevation Combo Corners provide pivotal corner flashing prior to installation of base flashing.  Their unique design allows for easy and effective flashing of complicated corner details.  Available in vinyl or galvanized finishes.

Elevation™ DM1 – Elevation DM1 Drainage Mat provides a sub-concrete drainage plane for quick and efficient removal of water from the breezeway or balcony.  Through its design, DM1 provides an additional layer of waterproofing and protection for the membrane beneath.

Elevation™ L Flash – Elevation L Flash is a waterproof reinforcing flashing tape designed for structure changes of plane, union of dissimilar materials, and reinforcement for materials above.  With its flexible properties, installation is fast and simple.

Elevation™ Termination Pockets

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Elevation™ Combo Corner Galvanized/Vinyl - TDS