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Seamless Waterproofing Technology

The Elevation™ Seamless waterproofing methodology is less complicated, more easily learned by tradesman, fast installed, and is fully seamless. 

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Formulated Materials® is the first manufacturer to provide a full line of waterproofing components that provide innovative and effective solutions for waterproofing elevated wood balconies. The ELEVATION® balcony waterproofing system eliminates the pitfalls and issues that commonly cause waterproofing failures and claims. Every component and process has been developed to improve performance and consistency when working in the field.

Formulated Materials® makes a difference in our industry by educating our customers, suppliers, and end-users. Knowledge will never be a barrier to the successful use of the innovative products and systems we offer. Our commitment to education ensures that not only will you have access to the most innovative system available; it will also be installed by crews who understand proper installation practices.

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Seamless Waterproofing​ System

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