Elevation® L1

Elevation® L1 Waterproofing Membrane is a perfect solution for waterproofing when residual moisture is present on the jobsite. When peel and stick membranes struggle to find grip, L1 holds tenaciously. L1 is home on every waterproofing job but really shines in cool damp conditions where others start to struggle.


Elevation® L1 Waterproofing Membrane is a trowel or roller applied liquid. Requiring no primer, Elevation® L1 Waterproofing Membrane is ready to go right out of the bucket with no mixing required.  L1 roll on waterproofing membrane is a low modulus, fast, water-curable, high-performance elastic waterproofing membrane adhesive and coating for balconies, deck coatings, and other exposed and concealed applications. L1 Seamless provides a long lasting, weather tight seal to a variety of common building structures.

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