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M2 Acoustical Underlayment


Treadstone Launches New Elite Duo Sound Attenuation System

The Treadstone Elite Duo acoustical system delivers an astounding 61 STC/55 IIC in a system with an unparalleled thickness of just over 1”.

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M2 is a three dimensional mesh pf polypropylene synthetic monofilaments, UV stabilized, tangled and welded where they cross laminate to the polypropylene barrier fabric. With its U shaped geometry, M2 delivers optimum sound control between floor levels, with long term benefits due to its excellent compression resistance.


  • With 1” of Treadstone Underlayment, M2 can reduce impact noise (IIC) up to 10db in wood framed and 20db in concrete assemblies.
  • Polypropylene barrier fabric
  • Low profile: ¼” thick
  • Excellent noise control with a spectrum of floor coverings
  • Flexible and resilient, while maintaining excellent compression resistance
  • UL listed in 100 floor ceiling designs
  • Installed by a technically trained network of licensed installers


Rolls, 565sf per roll, 4 rolls per pallet