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Treadstone Launches New Elite Duo Sound Attenuation System

The Treadstone Elite Duo acoustical system delivers an astounding 61 STC/55 IIC in a system with an unparalleled thickness of just over 1”.

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Treadstone® FR30P’s proprietary formulation provides an efficient, effective solution to projects requiring pre-pours of underlayment between interior walls, and below locations of tubs, shower enclosures and other areas containing appliances installed before the installation of underlayments. Requiring no sand, FR30P gels quickly after pouring, and the slower flow and increased viscosity provide additional protection from potential leaks. FR30P maintains the fire resistive non-shrinking, fast cure properties associated with gypsum underlayments.


  • Designed for Pre-Pour Applications Only
  • Mixed onsite with no aggregate, reducing carbon footprint
  • Provides leak protection for floors below
  • Silicate free solution
  • Maximum pour depth of 1.5”
  • Requires little to no surface prep; prime with recommended primer, and pour
  • Provides enhanced Sound Attenuation (STC & IIC) between floors
  • UL listed in over 110 designs, for specific design or data contact us at
  • Installed by a technically trained Network of Licensed Dealers

Recommended Uses

  • Multi-family Construction
    • Apartments
    • Hotels
    • Condominiums
  • Residential and Single Family
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Renovation of old wood frame or concrete structures


80lb bags
3000lb Supersacks