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HydroPhase Components & Accessories

  • Hydrophase Cements APMB - Advanced Primer & Moisture Barrier
    HydroPhase Components & Accessories

    HydroPhase® APMB

    HydroPhase APMB (Advanced Primer and Moisture Barrier) is a unique patented Nanotechnology Reactive Polymer that combines a one-step primer and moisture barrier underlayment with superior performance, rapid installation and permanent moisture control.

  • Treadstone® Leveling Pins for Leveling Pours
    HydroPhase Components & Accessories

    Treadstone® Leveling Pins

    Quick Visual Indicators

    Leveling pins provide a convenient method of marking and maintaining an adequate grid system when pouring levelers to required tolerances.

  • Treadstone Elite acoustic underlay sound mat roll for acoustic sound attenuation in multi-family construction
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® Elite

    Industry leading deflection and compression acoustical sound mat

    Treadstone® Elite Acoustic Underlay delivers industry-leading compression resistance and acoustical performance when installed over the most commonly specified flooring assembly in multi-family construction.

  • Treadstone® Perimeter Isolation Strip
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® Perimeter Isolation Strip

    Reduce Vibration Transfer
    Polyethylene foam strip designed to reduce impact vibration transfer by isolating Treadstone® underlayments and finished floor covering from the walls and subfloor.

  • Treadstone® Joint Tape Horizontal View
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® Sound Mat Joint Tape

    Poly Hot-Melt tape specifically designed to seal the joints between seams of TREADSTONE® Sound Mat products and to join Treadstone® Acoustical Mats to Treadstone® Perimeter Isolation Strip at perimeter walls and plumbing or other floor penetrations.