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Automated Aggregate Batch Mixer

Smart Batch® Batch Mixer speeds up production, increases productivity and delivers accuracy that can be proven with detailed reporting by utilizing automation and bulk materials.

A profitable pour begins with a Smart Batch.

Smart Batch weighs and records each raw material before batching, reduces dust and other harmful airborne contaminates from the jobsite, and provides daily batch logs. Reduce the risk of errors in your pours!

Deliver jobs faster with less labor investment.

Smart Batch Operators

Map of Smart Batch pump locations.

Smart Bach Systems is an equipment manufacturer that is dedicated to making mixing and pouring of cementitious liquids more accurately than any other method. Smart Batch wraps engineering function around technology to deliver daily logs ensuring that Smart Batch owners can accurately manage their business. Smart Batch GC1 will weigh each raw material before batching to ensure standards are met or exceeded. Smart Batch is also dedicated to safety and engineers its products to remove dust and other harmful airborne contaminates from the jobsite. 

Reduced Risk + Reduced Manpower = More Profit

Purpose built to address issues commonly encountered when delivering poured gypsum underlayments and levelers, the GC-1 delivers the accuracy and reliability required to keep your operation profitable. Fully automated batching by ingredient weight virtually eliminates over watering and sanding on a pour, and the recorded data and wirelessly transmitted reports provide an accurate record of your days work.

The utilization of bulk materials, touch-screen operation and elevated work-platform increase safety, eliminate lifting and turning, andreduce the number of dust events by over 97%, resulting in a safer and cleaner work environment. These efficiencies deliver higher production (up to 40,000 ft2 a day) and allow your crews to focus on delivering a finished product that meets or exceeds spec on every pour.


  • Setup in under 10 minutes
  • 13 cubic yards/hour production rate
  • Produces batches in under 2 minutes each

Icon More Effecient

  • Bulk materials eliminate bag breaking position
  • Speeds production and reduces crew size
  • Reduces labor costs while delivering higher volume

Icon Cleaner

  • Handles up to 3,000 lb super sacks
  • Drastic reduction in dust and potential silica exposure
  • Load with a skid-steer or truck mounted crane
  • Bulk sand eliminates dry packaged sand

Icon Safer

  • Eliminate lifting, turning and working from heights
  • Control platform elevated from construction traffic
  • Guards, safety switches and E-Stops installed

Icon Smarter

  • Automatic batch continuous mixing operation
  • Improve QC by auto batching by weights
  • Never over sand or over water again

Icon Connected

  • View crew/machine locations
  • Reports start and stop times of production
  • Automatic System Updates

Icon Connected_1

  • Every batch data archived and sent to cloud server
  • Remote control for pump start and stop
  • Auto QC reports sent to subscribers by e-mail

Icon Connected_1

  • Hydraulic power provides reliable performance
  • Hydraulic jacks provide push button leveling
  • Cartridge valves simplify replacement