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Introducing TREADSTONE™ Elite Duo

61 STC/55 IIC in a system with an unparalleled
thickness of just over 1”

The two-part system provides for seamless perimeter isolation allowing for full separation of the acoustical system from supporting and abutting surfaces. Keeping in line with Formulated Materials desire to “eliminate the smoke and mirrors” associated with many products in this arena, this drastic increase in performance was tested and proven with a standard, unbacked 2.5mm vinyl tile and requires no additional acoustical treatment on the surface of the underlayment itself.

Treadstone™ Fire Rated Underlayment Systems


Treadstone™ Fire Rated Underlayments are designed with proprietary formulations that maintain the desired fire-resistive, non-shrinking, fast cure qualities of gypsum underlayments, while adding enhanced cementitious properties of high flow, high strength, and abrasion resistance, thus eliminating the negative connotation of “soft, chalky” associated with gypsum products of the past.

Treadstone™ Leveling Underlayment Systems

Treadstone™ Sitemix Ultra
Treadstone™ Sitemix Ultra

A class of engineered cements incorporating the latest advances in formulation science.  Advanced engineering provides a class of products ready to conquer the toughest design challenges, while also meeting today’s toughest floor covering requirements. 

Batch mixed onsite and installed by a network of Licensed Dealers, Treadstone™ Levelers are the cost competitive advanced solution to traditional leveling products.

Treadstone™ Sound Attenuating Systems


Innovative sound attenuating technology in conjunction with Treadstone™ Underlayments provide systems ready to meet the growing focus and demands associated with sound control.  Treadstone Sound Attenuating Systems incorporate two types of technology, monofilament and rigid structures. 

The mass-spring vibration technology of monofilaments is and has been trusted by the acoustic community.  New to the industry, rigid platform technology isolates vibration with its rigid structure that limits contact with the substrate, while allowing loads to pass directly through the underlayment to the sublfoor.

Treadstone™ Accessories

  • Treadstone Perimeter Isolation

Treadstone™ Perimeter Isolation