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Treadstone® Technical Felt

Multi-Purpose Moisture-Control Felt Underlayment

Treadstone® Technical Felt synthetic felt underlayment is a reinforced, durable, leak-proof, vapor retarding membrane that speeds the preparation of subfloors.


Treadstone® Technical Felt is a reinforced, durable, leak-proof, vapor retarding felt underlayment membrane that speeds the preparation of subfloors that would otherwise require extensive mechanical preparation or repair before the installation of poured underlayments and self levelers. The synthetic felt underlayment’s double-layer polypropylene construction provides protection for the existing subfloor from moisture and eliminates many underlayment adhesion issues due to the presence of absorbed oils and solvents in the subfloor. Technical Felt also provides floor protection for cured underlayments and finished floor goods.

• Reduces preparation time and labor
• Protects wooden/porous subfloors from moisture during the pour
• Eliminates the need to chemically or mechanically remove many absorbed chemicals and oils from subfloors
• Permanently slows moisture vapor transmission
• Reinforces and increases the tensile strength of hydraulic cements
• Used in tenant build-outs, provides floor protection and reduces future labor during remodeling tear-out
• Excellent tear and chemical resistant floor protection for underlayments and finished surfaces

Waterproofing Systems
• Use in place of roofing felt as an underlayment when preparing breezeways and landings for wear surface installation
• Provides additional protection to waterproofing and sub-assemblies during routine maintenace and power-washing

Prescient® Structural Systems:
• Covers and seals the metal deck quickly
• Eliminates the need to individually identify and contain any voids, seams or pre-drilled penetrations in the metal deck
• Ideal for application in “soft-surface” areas where a sound-attenuation mat is not needed
• Provides a leak-proof surface eliminating concerns of gypsum leaking to floors below
• Installs quickly and easily with minimal tools
• Durable material resists rips and tears during application of the gypsum underlayment
• UL approved to remain as part of the fire-rated assembly


Roll Length ft 164
Roll Widths in 45.2
Roll Coverage ft2 800
Rolls/Pallet 30

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