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Elevation® DM2 Drainage Mat

DM2 Elite is a high compression resistant cuspated HDPE design bonded to a 125g non-woven filter fabric. DM2 Elite has a continuous sheet of polyolefin plastic providing an additional waterproof/protective layer over the Elevation Waterproofing System.


Elevation DM2 Elite Drain Mat is a low profile drainage mat designed to create a sub concrete drainage plane for quick removal of sub-surface water from the balcony. DM2 sits between the Elevation waterproofing and the concrete that is poured atop the drainage mat that acts as the finished surface. The scrim on the top of DM2 allows water to pass but also holds back the concrete when it is still flowable to prevent the concrete from fouling the drainage plane. At ¼” total thickness, DM2 Elite does not require framing or T-Bar modifications. DM2 prevents water from being trapped in the slab which could lead to efflorescence and spauling in warm climates and freeze/thaw cracking in cold climates.


  • Highly Durable
  • UV Stabilized
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces and corners
  • Additional layer of water protection
  • Protective barrier to S60 waterproof membrane
  • Excellent Flow Properties
  • Cost Efficient
  • Leed Contributing – 80% post-consumer recycled content


DM2 is 400 sf/roll and 6 Rolls/pallet.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet