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Acoustic Mat Underlayments

Treadstone® acoustic underlays incorporate two types of technology — monofilament and rigid structure — Treadstone acoustic underlays were developed to enhance the acoustical performance of poured Treadstone® fire-rated gypsum underlayments, delivering real-world performance that meets multi-family construction sound control needs.

The innovative rigid platform technology isolates vibration with its structure to limit contact with the substrate, while allowing loads to pass directly through the underlayment to the subfloor, providing long-term acoustic control performance.

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  • Treadstone&trad; M2 Acoustic mat
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® M2

    Treadstone® M2 acoustic mat is a three-dimensional mesh of polypropylene, synthetic monofilaments that are UV stabilized, tangled and welded to cross laminate to the polypropylene barrier fabric. With its U-shaped geometry, M2 delivers optimum sound control between floor levels, with excellent compression resistance.

  • Treadstone M3 - Acoustic Mat - Sound Mat
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® M3

    M3 is a three dimensional mesh of polypropylene synthetic monofilament, UV stabilized, tangled, and welded where they cross laminate to the polypropylene barrier fabric.

  • Treadstone® Sound Mat / Acoustic Mat Underlayment - Packaged Roll
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® R1 Sound Mat

    Treadstone® R1 Sound Mat utilizes our new Q-Seam Technology, which provides a robust foundation for the underlayment and ensures proper installation.

  • Treadstone Elite acoustic underlay sound mat roll for acoustic sound attenuation in multi-family construction
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® Elite

    Industry leading deflection and compression acoustical sound mat

    Treadstone® Elite Acoustic Underlay delivers industry-leading compression resistance and acoustical performance when installed over the most commonly specified flooring assembly in multi-family construction.

  • Treadstone Elite Duo - 426 sq ft roll - acoustic mat
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® Elite Duo

    Industry leading deflection and compression acoustical sound mat

    Treadstone® Elite Duo acoustic mat combines two new innovative technologies that provide unmatched acoustical performance and durability in a patent pending sound mat. Treadstone® Elite Duo’s industry leading deflection/compression innovation allows for Treadstone® underlayment depths of ¾” mininimum providing an overall thickness of just over 1 “.

  • Treadstone® Perimeter Isolation Strip
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® Perimeter Isolation Strip

    Reduce Vibration Transfer
    Polyethylene foam strip designed to reduce impact vibration transfer by isolating Treadstone® underlayments and finished floor covering from the walls and subfloor.

  • Treadstone® Joint Tape Horizontal View
    Acoustic Mat Underlayments

    Treadstone® Sound Mat Joint Tape

    Poly Hot-Melt tape specifically designed to seal the joints between seams of TREADSTONE® Sound Mat products and to join Treadstone® Acoustical Mats to Treadstone® Perimeter Isolation Strip at perimeter walls and plumbing or other floor penetrations.