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Elevation® SM2 Lap Sealant

Elevation® SM2 Urethane Waterproofing is a multi-purpose, resilient joint sealant that combines economy and high performance. It is ideal for a wide range of applications where joint movement requires compression and extension in excess of 25%. SM2 is a moisture-curing polyether sealant that is effective in damp, dry or cold climates. It is free of solvents and isocyanates.


Elevation® SM2 Urethane Waterproofing is a multi-purpose joint sealant that will not shrink upon curing, bubble on damp surfaces like polyurethanes sealants often do, or discolor when exposed to UV light.

Elevation® SM2 Urethane Waterproofing has excellent elastomeric properties and adheres to most construction materials including difficult surfaces such as Kynar 500® PVDF and other anodized metals and coatings. SM2 can be applied to damp surfaces at temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C), making this Lap Sealant effective in many difficult construction site conditions.


  • Solvent free, 100% solids will not shrink
  • 30 minute skin over
  • No outgassing on damp surfaces
  • Non-slump, applies vertically and overhead
  • Color stability, will not suntan
  • Designed specifically for use with Elevation® S60 Sheet Waterproofing Membrane
  • Color contrast from sealant to membrane provides excellent QC inspection
  • 2 year shelf life


3 Gal. Pails
30oz Tubes (12 tubes per box)

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