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Elevation® Embed Pan

Designed to deliver a fast, reliable, worry-free solution for the waterproofing of balcony rail post embedded plates. Constructed of durable ABS, designed as a flashing pan that surrounds the embedded plate with a three lip system.

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Designed as a solution to the intrusion that occurs where exposure to the elements is the greatest, creating tremendous risk and liability.

Three lip system accomplishes the following:

  1. Interior Lip – additional water protection
  2. Middle Lip – stop for the sealant at height that ensures sealant coverage of plate and bolt
  3. Outside lip provides a separation between sealant and waterproofing membrane.

For use in the Elevation® Balcony Embed System. This is the only system on the market that details waterproofing of balcony railing embedded support plates. Historically, waterproofing this condition is not standard and relies on an array of products not originally designed for this application. Our two component system provides a simple and dependable waterproofing system


24 pans per box

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