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Gypsum Floor Underlayments

Treadstone® gypsum underlayments are a proprietary cementious formulation with the fire-resistive, non-shrinking, fast cure qualities of a gypsum underlayment with enhanced compressive strength, high flow and abrasion resistance — eliminating the “soft, chalky” negative association of gypsum products of the past.

TREADSTONE® provides a full line of gypsum underlayments, self-levelers, and acoustic underlayments engineered to elevate the construction industry.

  • Treadstone® FR25 - Fire-Rated Gypsum Underlayment - Super Sack
    Gypsum Floor Underlayments

    Treadstone® FR25

    Fire-Rated Performance with High Flow
    Our innovative Treadstone® FR25 gypsum concrete formulation adds the cementitious properties of high flow, high strength and abrasion resistance to the fire-resistive, non-shrinking, fast cure properties of gypsum underlayment.

  • Treadstone® FR30 - Fire-Rated Gypsum Underlayment - Super Sack
    Gypsum Floor Underlayments

    Treadstone® FR30

    Fire-Rated Performance with Higher Strength
    This advanced gypsum concrete formulation of Treadstone® FR30 gypsum underlayment includes the fire-resistive and high flow properties of Treadstone® FR25 , but with an additional compressive strength of up to 3800psi. 

  • Treadstone® FR30P - Fire-Rated Gypsum Floor Underlayment Pre-Pour - Super Sack
    Gypsum Floor Underlayments

    Treadstone® FR30P Pre-Pour

    Fire-Rated Underlayment for Pre-Pours

    Treadstone® FR30P pre-pour underlayment provides an effective solution to pre-pour projects of underlayment between interior walls, and below locations of tubs, shower enclosures and other areas containing appliances installed before the installation of underlayments.

  • Gypsum Floor Underlayments

    HydroPhase® APS

    Underlayment & Leveler Substrate Bonding 
    Formulated Materials® APS self leveling concrete primer is a low VOC acrylic primer and sealer for improved performance of fire-rated underlayments and self-levelers by providing a solid bond to the substrate during installation.

  • Treadstone® TP1 Primer
    Gypsum Floor Underlayments

    Treadstone® TP1 Primer & Sealer

    Pre-Pour Surface Prep for Wood Substrates
    Treadstone® TP1 pre-pour surface primer is a low VOC acrylic primer suitable for priming wood substrates prior to installing Treadstone® fire-rated underlayments and self levelers.

  • Treadstone® Technical Felt - for use with Prescient® Structural Systems.
    Gypsum Floor Underlayments

    Treadstone® Technical Felt

    Multi-Purpose Moisture-Control Felt Underlayment

    Treadstone® Technical Felt synthetic felt underlayment is a reinforced, durable, leak-proof, vapor retarding membrane that speeds the preparation of subfloors.