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HydroPhase® P150 SL

Pre-sanded Self Leveling Cement

HydroPhase™ P150 SL – Proprietary phased hydration hydraulic cement technology developed to provide superior surface smoothness for the most durable, robust leveling systems on the market.


HydroPhase® P150 SL self leveling underlayment’s zero shrinkage means no mechanical surface prep, allowing you to simply clean, prime, and pour. P150 SL is mixed and applied using manufacturer-approved, locally sourced sand, lowering costs while delivering superior performance. Based on a unique cement composition, HydroPhase® delivers a repeatable worry-free performance in a variety of construction settings. The self leveling characteristic of Hydrophase® makes it the perfect choice for your vinyl floor underlayment.

  • Approved for use over most structurally sound substrates
  • Approved for use in most residential, commercial, and institutional applications
  • Most applications require no surface prep
  • Pour 1/8-1 1/2” in a single lift
  • Compressive Strength ASTM C109M:
    • 24 hour compressive > 2000 psi
    • 7 day compressive > 4000 psi
    • 28 day compressive > 5000 psi

Approved for use over fully cured or existing concrete, wood, or other clean structurally sound properly primed substrates meeting L/360 deflection criteria.

Recommended and approved for use over most properly primed substrates including:

  • Institutional
  • High rise residential
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Renovation of old structurally sound wood frame or concrete structure
  • Retail
  • Single-family homes
  • Multifamily renovations
  • 60 psi EPS board (contact HydroPhase® for install bulletin)


Available in 50 lb Bags and 2960lb Super Sacks

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