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Advanced Self-Leveling Cements

Proprietary-phased cement hydration technology developed to deliver the most durable, robust self-leveling systems on the market.

No Prep. Zero Shrink. Excellent Workability.

Usable over most properly-primed substrates

stone installation mortars | floor-covering adhesives | urethane adhesives | and epoxy flooring installations

Move from concerns over contaminants to contaminant friendly.

HydroPhase® is a self-leveling underlayment with phased-hydration and hydraulic cement technology offering unmatched results. It delivers robust performance with superior resistance to cracking because it doesn’t shrink. HydroPhase® achieves a smooth, flat, monolithic surface exceeding the most stringent floor covering requirements. Simply clean, prime, and pour! No shot blasting or grinding required. HydroPhase® delivers high flow and extended working time and can be applied from 1/16” to 1 ½”.

Hydrophase® C150 SL (Unsanded)

C150 is the cement and polymer blended mix for on-site mixing with local sand. Delivers zero shrinkage, high flow, and superior surface smoothness

Deliver jobs faster with less labor investment.

HydroPhase levelers allow you to:

Eliminate Failures

Since their inception, self-leveling underlayments have struggled with their innate need to shrink. Formulated Materials has created a unique formula in HydroPhase that doesn’t shrink. HydroPhase creates a matrix of self-supporting structures that prevent shrinkage cracks and other related stresses. 

Eliminate Prep

Resulting from its shrinkage free formula, HydroPhase does not require the extensive surface prep as with competitive levelers. HydroPhase does not shrink and as a result, does not require mechanical surface abrasion. No surface abrasion means no dust and less risk to the workers who preform it. 

Lower Costs

HydroPhase lowers self-leveling underlayment costs versus competitors in two ways. First, elimination of mechanical prep saves at least 30% of the cost of the overall installation. Secondly, HydroPhase is offered as a concentrate which costs the shipping costs by greater than 50%.  

When It's Your Name, Your Customers, And Your Livelihood On the Line, Failures Like This Are Not An Option

Let us show you how to never be standing in these shoes.

To Learn More: HydroPhase® is committed to the success of our partners and believes that relationship and support are vital components of that success. To learn more about our products, our capabilities, and request a live demonstration of our products in action, please contact us by phone or through the form available here.



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