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Treadstone® M3

M3 is a three dimensional mesh of polypropylene synthetic monofilament, UV stabilized, tangled, and welded where they cross laminate to the polypropylene barrier fabric.


With is cuspated geometry,M3 delivers the highest level of sound control between floors, with long-term performance due to its excellent mechanical resistance.

Treadstone® M3 is loose-laid over the substrate and then covered with a uniform thickness of an approved Treadstone® Underlayment Product. Mechanical Fastening is not required, providing a system profile thickness as thin as 1 7/8″ (47.6mm).

  • In conjunction with a 1 ½” of Treadstone® underlayment, M3 can reduce impact noise (IIC) up to 16db in wood-framed and 20db in concrete assemblies.
  • Polypropylene barrier fabric
  • 3/8” thick
  • Flexible and resilient, while maintaining excellent compression resistance
  • UL listed in over 100 floor ceiling designs
  • Installed by a technically trained networkof licensed dealers

Treadstone® M3 Sound Attenuating Mat in conjunction with an approved Treadstone® Underlayment, is recommended and approved in:

• Multi-Family Construction

  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Condominiums

• Residential and Single Family
• Commercial Office Space
• Renovation of old wood frame or concrete structures


Rolls, 526 sqft per roll, 4 rolls per pallet

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