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About Us

Who Are We?

At Formulated Materials®, we make your multi-family housing installations (fireproof, waterproof, and soundproof) as fast, easy, and durable as possible through performance-driven installation systems and support. We are known for our high-quality and innovative products, reliable customer service and expert technical support. Formulated Materials’s expert customer support team and web-based resources ensure that you select the right materials for your job, and you know how to use them correctly.

Formulated Materials is widely considered a leading manufacturer of gypsum cements, sound attenuating mats and innovative waterproofing solutions for the North American market.  The company’s product brands, including TreadstoneHydroPhase and Elevation are considered by many to be the most popular and trusted by industry professionals for fireproofing, soundproofing and waterproofing commercial and multi-family construction.  Formulated Materials continually raises the standards for the multi-family construction industry through its commitment to innovation, performance, and exceptional customer service.

We stand by our products by offering the best Warranty in the industry. For years, underlayment and waterproofing subcontractors have relied on multiple products from multiple manufacturers, resulting in multiple warranties or none at all. We at Formulated Materials have eliminated the complexity of dealing with multiple brand warranties by providing one brand, one warranty. As a symbol of commitment to our customers, we provide the necessary information and resources, along with our products and warranties, to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to succeed in your Fireproof, Waterproof, or Soundproof installation.

At Formulated Materials, our history is built on innovation and a commitment to quality products and installation systems. We’re proud of what our products have done to set the standard for quality in the industry and we’re excited about helping you do your best work, for many years to come.

No matter if you are a subcontractor, general contractor, architect, or construction specifier, select your building type or click on a link above to get the specific products, tools, and information you need. Formulated Materials makes a difference in our industry by educating our customers, suppliers, and end-users. Knowledge will never become a barrier to the successful use of the innovative products and systems we offer.

At Formulated Materials, our history is built on innovation and a commitment to quality products and installation systems. We’re proud of what our products have done to set the standard for quality in the industry and we’re excited about helping you do your best work, for many years to come.

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What are Our Values

As part of the Compellier family of companies, Formulated Materials® adheres to the same set od core values that guide all compellier companies. These values spell our acronym known as ICOMPEL.

At Formulated Materials®, we believe our ICOMPEL values are the foundation for all internal interactions and how we conduct business. We compel ourselves and others to adhere to our core values. We hire people who aspire to act within our values, we coach toward these behaviors, and we believe that acting in this way will lead to our success as individuals and as a company. Defining values is important to us, and when they are consistently applied, they become authentic and are the soul of our company.

Integrity:Do the right thing
Commitment:Keep your promises and make happy customers
Opportunity to Succeed:This is a career, seize the day
Master your Craft:Take pride in your work
Protect:Keep each other safe
Everyone:We are all involved and bring value
Love:Treat others with dignity and respect  

Our Compelling Actions

Through the decisions made by our team members who create the Compellier family, we’ve enshrined our values in our daily decision-making process to produce the best possible result.

Before making a decision, consider each of these points in turn:


Is it honest, safe, legal, and consistent with our ICOMPEL values?


Does it put others first or serve the best interest of the company?


Will it be effective over the long-term and bring the desired result?


Does it benefit a relationship with a customer, teammate, or supplier?

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Target Markets

Our products are developed in accordance with the standards and expectations for product quality and performance in the North American market. We focus on multifamily housing due to a unique need for all three of our product capabilities that are needed for that single construction segment. Other construction segments that utilize, waterproofing, sound reduction and floor leveling, fireproofing are also a focus and a large source of business opportunity.

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Formulated Materials stays green at every turn.

Whether it is because of special formulation or sourcing special green materials, Formulated Materials ensures that all its customers get the greenest products possible. When developing new products, Formulated Materials pays close attention to ensuring that all its products exhibit no VOC’s nor harmful off-gassing of any kind. Formulated goes so far as to make its underlayments from recycled post-consumer plastic providing credible Leed points that can help any project achieve a better score. Formulated materials is well known for developing product concentrates that can be blended on site thereby utilizing local water and sand resulting in a lower need to transport heavy materials across miles of US roadways.