Elevation® FT Tape

Elevation® FT Tape waterproofing tape is a pressure sensitive tape recommended for use during flood testing of installed Elevation® Waterproofing Systems. The flashing tape is manufactured with a nominal 2 mil aluminum foil backing and a high-performance rubber adhesive.


Elevation® FT Tape waterproofing tape is an adhesive that provides an instant, durable waterproof bond in adverse weather conditions and conforms to irregular surfaces for a superior seal. The flashing tape is easily pierced after flood testing is completed using a putty knife, reducing the risk of damage to the waterproofing system. Elevation® FT Tape waterproofing tape is recommended for use as part of both the Elevation® Seamless Waterproofing System as well as the S60 Sheet Waterproofing system.


150ft per roll, 20 rolls per box

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