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Formulated Materials® Ushers in a New Era of Waterproofing Excellence with the ELEVATION™ WATERPROOFING SYSTEM

Hello to all our readers and construction enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to bring you some groundbreaking news from, Formulated Materials®, one of the industry’s frontrunners in construction materials, unveiled a product that might just redefine waterproofing as we know it.

A Glimpse into the Future of Waterproofing

The ELEVATION WATERPROOFING SYSTEM isn’t just another product on the block. It’s a holistic solution tailored explicitly for elevated wood balconies. The vision behind this revolutionary system? To completely obliterate the all-too-familiar challenges plaguing the waterproofing realm and to offer unrivaled reliability.

Michael Martin, Chief Operating Officer at Formulated Materials, expressed the company’s ethos perfectly: “It’s not about marketing or sales pitches. The history of success we have achieved is the outcome of meticulous design, engineering, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Why ELEVATION Stands Out

Here’s why this system is creating waves in the industry:

1. Unwavering Reliability: When they say zero leaks, callbacks, or failures, they genuinely mean it. ELEVATION is reliability incarnate.

2. A Cohesive Approach: Ditching the norm of mixing products from various sources, ELEVATION boasts of a unified design, ensuring that every component aligns perfectly, all coming from a trusted single manufacturer.

3. The Unbeaten Elevation S60 Sheet Membrane: Think 10-year limited warranty, 90 days of UV protection, and durability that’s unmatched – six times more robust than what competitors bring to the table.

4. A Track Record Worth Celebrating Over 250,000 balconies installed and a whopping 16 million sqft of installations without a hint of a warranty claim. That speaks volumes.

A Call to Action

Tom Christerson, the National Sales Manager, throws down the gauntlet, “Why settle for the ordinary? With ELEVATION, we bring to you a comprehensive solution, a unified manufacturing origin, and an unparalleled warranty.”

For everyone out there planning their next big venture, it might be time to ‘elevate’ your game. Dive into the transformative potential of the ELEVATION WATERPROOFING SYSTEM™ for your balconies. With Formulated Materials at the helm, excellence is but a step away.

Ready to make the leap? Connect with Formulated Materials and let them guide you towards a future where waterproofing challenges become a thing of the past.

Read the official press release here.