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Formulated Materials announces new Treadstone Elite Duo acoustical system. This underlayment system delivers an astounding 61 STC/55 IIC in a system with an unparalleled thickness of just over 1”. The two-part system provides for seamless perimeter isolation allowing for full separation of the acoustical system from supporting and abutting surfaces. Keeping in line with Formulated Materials desire to “eliminate the smoke and mirrors” associated with many products in this arena, this drastic increase in performance was tested and proven with a standard, unbacked 2.5mm vinyl tile and requires no additional acoustical treatment on the surface of the underlayment itself. 

Michael Martin, Business Manager for Formulated Materials – “In looking at the technologies currently used to isolate sound in underlayment systems, we realized that while advances have been made in other construction industries, acoustical floor treatments have not changed in almost 30 years. Elite Duo represents a giant leap forward, utilizing new technologies and delivering a solution to the industry that doesn’t rely on adding unnecessary mass in the underlayment pour to increase performance.”

“More Than Innovation”

Formulated Materials also announces production and distribution of additional supporting products for their balcony waterproofing contractors, guaranteeing quality and eliminating the need to maintain multiple suppliers whenever possible. Railing embed supports, T-Bar and 18” rolls of their Elevation S60 18” can now all be ordered for delivery with the industry’s only complete waterproofing system.

In describing the choice to increase the current offerings, Michael Martin shared “Understanding that the performance of our waterproofing system is supported by other elements, we have made the strategic decision to supply these elements whenever possible. Our RSE’s (Railing Embed Supports) have been designed to guarantee proper performance of our game-changing Embed Pan System. Formulated Materials T-Bar is a marked improvement over many of the products we have seen supplied regionally in terms of finish and actual dimension.”

The addition of Elevation S60 membrane in 18” widths will allow for easier installation in regions that require an increased shingling overlap on vertical surfaces and improve the installation process in cases where pre flashing is preferred for safety considerations on landings and corridors.

Formulated Materials, LLC is a developer of technologies and provider of innovative systems designed to elevate and advance the construction industry. Our system innovation is achieved through partnerships with component experts, adding the latest scientific technologies and decades of field expertise