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Treadstone Launches New Elite Duo Sound Attenuation System

The Treadstone Elite Duo acoustical system delivers an astounding 61 STC/55 IIC in a system with an unparalleled thickness of just over 1”.

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Treadstone® TP1 is a Low VOC acrylic primer suitable for priming wood substrates prior to installing Treadstone® fire-rated underlayments and self levelers. TP1 dries quickly and prepares the surface, allowing poured underlayments to positively bond with the subfloor while controlling moisture absorption of the substrate, controlling cracking and decoupling.

• Provides a strong, positive bond between wood subfloors and poured underlayments
• Easily applied by roller or with a 5-gallon sprayer
• Low VOC Formula is non-reactive and non-toxic
• Low odor formula
• Approved for use with all Treadstone® underlayments and self-levelers

Treadstone® TP1 in conjunction with an approved Treadstone® Underlayment, is recommended and approved in:
• Multi-Family Construction
– Apartments
– Hotels
– Condominiums
• Residential and Single Family
• Commercial Office Space
• Renovation of old wood frame or concrete structures