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Silence Redefined: Treadstone Elite® Takes Sound Reduction to the Next Level

When it comes to innovation in the realm of construction materials, Formulated Materials® stands out. Now, we are proudly unveiling yet another game-changer, as our groundbreaking product, Treadstone Elite®, receives a well-deserved US patent.

Sound is an often-underestimated element in construction. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of a city office or the soothing calm of a suburban home, managing sound is crucial. That’s where Treadstone Elite® comes into play. This unique sound-reducing mat doesn’t just match industry standards—it shatters them.

A Cut Above the Rest

The typical issues of staple reliance and acoustic degradation? Not with Treadstone Elite. Engineered to lay naturally flat, this mat offers consistent sound-reducing benefits without a dip in performance over time. Michael Martin, Business Unit Director of Formulated Materials, rightfully stated, “The USPTO’s recognition speaks volumes about our team’s dedication to revolutionizing the industry.”

What truly sets Treadstone Elite apart is its near-incompressibility. It means fewer worries about potential cracks in cement-based overlays—a significant improvement for builders seeking dependable sound insulation paired with structural integrity.

Tested, Trusted, and Transcendent

Having undergone rigorous testing, Treadstone Elite consistently proves its mettle. Suitable for varied environments—be it bustling commercial centers, serene residences, educational institutions, or healthcare hubs—its unparalleled acoustic properties ensure reduced sound transmission and durability.

An Investment in Quality and Innovation

Easy installation and unwavering reliability make Treadstone Elite the go-to for professionals in search of top-tier soundproofing solutions. With this patent, Formulated Materials further underscores its reputation as a trendsetter, echoing its commitment to address the evolving needs of the construction sphere.

Join the Revolution in Soundproofing

Formulated Materials has always been a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the North American construction market. Brands like Treadstone®, Elevation®, and Smart Batch® continue to be the preferred choice for professionals. As the company pushes boundaries, its dedication to elevating industry standards remains unwavering.

Discover more about Treadstone Elite and other innovative offerings by Formulated Materials. Dive into a wealth of resources, from product specifics to technical support, on our website. For comprehensive insights and to be part of this acoustic revolution, reach out directly at (844) 405-3676.

Elevate your construction game with Formulated Materials®. Because when it’s about quality and innovation, compromise isn’t an option.

You can view the official press announcement here.