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Treadstone Launches New Elite Duo Sound Attenuation System

The Treadstone Elite Duo acoustical system delivers an astounding 61 STC/55 IIC in a system with an unparalleled thickness of just over 1”.

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The Strong, Silent Type

Advanced formulation brings innovation to fire-resistive underlayments. Increased strength and durability combine to deliver a high-performance solution for projects requiring additional compressive strength.


  • Compressive strengths up to 3800psi
  • Little to no surface prep, clean, prime, and pour
  • Fast Setting, light traffic in 1hr, normal traffic in 24hrs.
  • Dense, smooth surface
  • Provides enhanced sound attenuation (STC & IIC) between floors
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • UL Listed in over 100 designs
  • Installed by a technically trained network of licensed dealers

Recommended Uses

  • Multi-family Construction
    • Apartments
    • Hotels
    • Condominiums
  • Residential and Single Family
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Renovation of old wood frame or concrete structures


80lb bags
3000lb Supersacks