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Balcony Embed System


Seamless Waterproofing Technology

The Elevation™ Seamless waterproofing methodology is less complicated, more easily learned by tradesman, fast installed, and is fully seamless. 

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Steel stanchion using two pieces of ¼” steel welded to a 1-1/2” steel post for use with ELEVATION® Balcony and Breezeway Waterproofing Systems. ELEVATION® RSE’s provide a mounting plate for railing systems to weld to once the finished concrete is installed. Due to the offset top plate and post, you lose less square footage of the balcony. Primer coated for durability against the elements. Once waterproofing and concrete installation is complete, simply weld railing to RSE for a secure railing system.


10 ea per box


Constructed of durable ABS, designed as a flashing pan that surrounds the embedded plate with a three lip system to accomplish the following; 1) Interior Lip – additional water protection, 2) Middle Lip – stop for the sealant at height that ensures sealant coverage of plate and bolt, 3) Outside lip provides a separation between sealant and waterproofi ng membrane.


24ea pans per box

ELEVATION® Embed Pan Sealant

Seamless and joint free waterproofi ng system created from a single component, liquid applied, coal tar free, urethane/polyurea roofing and waterproofing membrane system for vertical and horizontal surfaces. The coating may be applied in the field from 30 to 90 mils in one application while supplying simultaneous curing throughout the coating. Elevation™ Pan Sealant is capable of correcting negative slope, filling pond areas and creating moderate positive slope to drain.


  • Seamless; no breakdowns or penetrations of seams
  • Economic; labor saving
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Primer-less
  • Non-Gassing
  • Fast Curing
  • Highly Flexible over extreme temperatures
  • No Odor
  • Resists Dirt
  • No Mixing
  • Meets SCAQMD VOC Requirements


30oz tubes, 12ea tubes per box